Vinzenz Reinhardt is an interaction designer and media artist.
His work investigates the intersection of art, technology and design.

Vinzenz Reinhardt was born in 1992 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Through nurture, he became impressed by all sorts of contemporary technologies, especially the personal computer and the internet. Consequently, his interest shifted to emerging web technologies and resulted in a general interest in design, art and technologies altogether.

Without ever losing interest in technologies, Vinzenz started studying BA Interactive Media Design at Hochschule Darmstadt in 2013. The interdisciplinary approach of the study programme made Vinzenz comfortable in the role of the designer, developer, and project manager. During his studies, he faced more and more of the media spectrum and novel forms of interaction types. He developed a strong proclivity for physical computing courses at his university, utilising the notorious Arduino and other microcontrollers.

His interest and skillset ultimately led him on an artistic and experimental path. Since his studies, his practice focuses on the intersection of art, technology, and design. Vinzenz upholds a particular interested in non-humanoid robots, their behaviour and most importantly the interaction concepts involved in complex systems. It is the strange oxymoronic alterity and similarity of living and non-living entities that fascinate Vinzenz and massively influence his work.

In 2018 he finished the MA Interaction Design Communication programme at the University of the Arts in London under the lead of Tobias Revell. On a theoretical layer, he investigated political aspects of designed artefacts, entangled infrastructures and epistemological constraints of ontology. In his practice, Vinzenz combines kinetic mechanisms alongside implicit interaction types to establish meaningful relationships between humans and contemporary technologies.


ex-for-mation. London College of Communication. London, UK. 2018.
Ars Electronica. Post-City. Linz, Austria. 2018.
Friday Late. Victoria and Albert Museum. London, UK. 2018.
see-conference. Schlachthof. Wiesbaden, Germany. 2017.
The Growing. Ponyhof. Darmstadt, Germany. 2017.
interactive future. Das Blumen. Darmstadt, Germany. 2016.
Luminale. Naxoshalle. Frankfurt, Germany. 2016.
The Growing. Ponyhof. Darmstadt, Germany. 2016.
hobit. Darmstadium. Darmstadt, Germany. 2016.
see-conference. Schlachthof. Wiesbaden, Germany. 2015.